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Wooway Technologies Co.,Ltd, ltd was founded in July 2013 and is currently located in Chengdu - southeast China. Our founders have heavily involved in the development of video games based on Unreal Engine, and also have accumulated years of relevant hands-on experiences in the development of target video games. Our latest creation – “The Wanderer: The Rebirth” has witnessed a graduate transition from its initial form - “The Wanderer: War Song” to “Spartan Blood” and finally arrived at the current version.

For over two years, our team has insisted on basing the development of our game on Unreal Engine. And also as the phenomenal vanguard in attempting to run our game on mobile devices, we have been luck enough to witness the advancement of Unreal Engine and also participated in the maturity of VR technology.

More specially, our latest reaction - “Wanderer£ºThe Rebirth” results from the persistent work of a team of three for a whole year; the near completion of earlier UE3 project and also the lasts expansion of UE4.

Game Profile


Wanderer£ºThe Rebirth

“Wanderer£ºThe Rebirth” is a high-speed hunting type of game based on epic themes. This particular game culminates at explosion of real physical objects. While ensuring players’in-combat experiences expectedly obtained from traditional hunting games, we have, in addition, optimized the manual control on mobile platforms. This helps to guarantee that the plays could enjoy the similar playing experiences on their mobile deceives as they do on PCs. To add on to it, the conveniences of mobile devices could also expand the dimensions of how and where players can enjoy this game.

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